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nMagazine exists to keep you up-date-date with the radio and video streaming market in Poland and the rest of Europe. Industry players are invited to express their opinions and to actively participate with us in building technical solutions to real-world problems.

nMagazine is a space where the key industry players from across Poland and the rest of Europe can share their experiences of live Internet transmission.

nMagazine observes and communicates changes in the fields of modern technology and social communication, with particular relevance to live streaming.

nMagazine is a nod to our (Nadaje Broadcasting company’s) long-term clients and business partners. Working together enable enables us to verify known solutions and to create ones, and our various partnerships are a great source of inspiration to us in general.

In nMagazine, we look at the phenomena that arise from innovative technologies. We pay close attention to the possibilities of live streaming tools (as well as the problems that can result from their sub-optimal usage). We also explore new applications for live broadcasting, corresponding to the needs of the various diverse communities which we serve.

The content you can find in nMagazine is the result of our everyday experience in the industry, and our ongoing search for simple solutions to complex problems. For that reason, we’re opening 2018 with an invitation to cooperate:

We’d like to reach out to local government, educational and cultural institutions, entrepreneurs and local communities. Indeed, we’d like to turn to all those who are excited by the many possibilities of live broadcasting.

January 2018, Wrocław (Poland) / London

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